MacStone Poker delayed

6. February 2010 - 15:04

In the beginning of January MacStone Poker Beta was announced to be released on 1st of February 2010. Unfortunately this was not the case and the video poker game has been delayed.

Main cause of the delay is the 2002 ActionScript 1 codebase of the video poker game that was initially tagged for refactoring. It soon became clear that such codebase has obsoleted entirely and even parts of it don't fit into the up-to-date ActionScript 3 approaches. Therefore, to deliver the best user experience, the decision was taken to dump refactoring in favour of rewriting the codebase from scratch.

Considering the above reasoning, it looks like the first beta is now due April.

MacStone Poker is a free cross-platform video poker game on Adobe® Flash® Platform.

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